Garven Kinley

Artist Statement

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As a junior high student I discovered an interest in drafting, but it wasn’t until university I discovered my interest and skill in fine arts. Fine Arts was part of my course requirements so I enrolled in oil painting classes and then later, sculpture. After leaving school I did a few oils but family and making a living became my focus.
I had always wanted to try watercolor painting and in 2003 I took the opportunity to join a watercolor class taught by a local artist where I lived in British Columbia. I did that for about one and a half years with improved success. Then after moving to the Poulsbo area I joined PAL in 2009 only to discover that time has not been on my side and it has been like starting all over. For me I need the routine of painting weekly and I enjoy getting together with other artists. Receiving suggestions and ideas and learning from others is a real benefit. My choice of painting medium for now is watercolor and my goal is to master the art to my satisfaction.
Although I am a retired architectural draftsman, I volunteer my time designing and drafting buildings for a Christian ministry in Tanzania, East Africa, plus member of the executive board for that ministry here in the United States, which keeps both my wife Judy and me busy.

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