Mary Saurdiff

Mary Saurdiff flower painting
Mary Saurdiff
“Merry Designs”
I’ve been interested in art ever since I can remember. As a child I would doodle draw. Art was always my favorite subject in school. I’ve taken some painting classes over the years, mostly oil, but now I’m more interested in acrylics, pastels and my favorite medium is watercolor. I believe I can express myself in more ways using watercolor.
Mary Saurdiff photo
About ten years ago I became interested in photography, let’s just say I was “hooked.” Not a day goes by that I don’t take a photo of something. I’ve been selling my photo cards in the local stores for several years. I’ve sold my cards and several enlarged framed photos and a few paintings at markets and art shows around the area. I guess you could say I’m a photographer/artist. My photography took up a lot of time, so there were a few years when I didn’t paint at all, however this past year I joined the art league, I’ve learned a few things but most of all I’ve gotten back into the painting mode.

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I live with my husband near Indianola. We are close to our two grown daughters and five grandchildren. We get together with them often and even vacation together. I continue to be inspired by our great Pacific Northwest where there are endless subjects for my photos and paintings.

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