Valerie West

Artist Bio

Valerie West is a Pacific Northwest artist based on beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington. Valerie spends her summers on the island surrounded by the natural beauty of water and the forest canopy. Her winters are spent in the sunny warm desert regions of Scottsdale, Arizona. Sharing time in both visually rich areas has influenced her works with semi abstract seascapes, and color rich desert landscapes. Her works are also influenced by the surrounding birds and wildlife observed in both regions.
Valerie is a self-taught artist. Creativity in some form has been a part of her life as far back as she can remember. She had a teacher in the fifth grade who encouraged her to create by displaying her artwork throughout her classroom for the parent teacher open house. That experience was a real confidence builder for her.
She is a multi-medium artist. Valerie is currently working on several forms of 2-D artistic expression, including acrylics, alcohol inks, resin, and watercolor. Her use of glazing and pouring techniques give her paintings an almost organic look. Layers of color provide the perfect foundation for her fine line drawings, and photorealistic nature paintings.
Valerie also enjoys creating 3-D artworks and sculptures. She works in air dry clays, and wire with wood.

Member Associations
Sonoran Arts League 2015-present
Poulsbo Arts League 2017-present

Juried Artists- Sonoran Artists League
Published- Acrylics Works Six pg. 132 Of Gossamer Wings III

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