Christmas Luncheon December 6, 2023

Today twenty-three of us enjoyed a rousing luncheon and gift exchange at Vinland Lutheran Church. Our lunch was provided by Chipotle, supplemented by delicious home-baked cookies and brownies. After lunch, we exchanged 5×7 art works and passed them around the table for everyone to enjoy. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Len Eisenhood, guest artist

On Wednesday, November 15, we had a presentation from Len Eisenhood on how to make marbled paper. He told us about his artistic journey and gave us a demonstration with a tub of water with carageenan. He dropped small droplets of acrylic colors into the bath and swirled them slightly to make a wild array of colors. he laid a piece of paper on the surface and when he lifted it up, it was beautifully marbled. About 22 members and guests watched his presentation.

Drawing each other

On Wednesday, October 18, we had a portrait drawing session. Each of us chose another person in PAL and drew their portrait in 15 minutes. There was lots of laughter and kidding as we attempted to do the impossible, but we all enjoyed the session and learned something from it.