Russell Freeman

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I can’t remember when drawing was not important to me. Cartooning was my preference from junior high school through my stint in the U.S. Navy. However, I didn’t have a studio until many years later when we moved to Bainbridge Island in 1967. I converted an old bomb shelter in the house and started painting in oils in my new studio/wood working shop. From oils, I switched to acrylics, and today I find enjoyment with water media, scratchboard, and color pencils.
Over the years, I have attended a number of workshops in Bar Harbor, Maine; Whidby Island, San Juan Island in Washington; and East Glacier, Montana. My main focus became wildlife art although I have also completed several landscapes. I have been fortunate to travel so have gathered ideas for painting from other parts of the world. When I become inspired to paint it is important to give my work a title before I begin. This seems to give me purpose and focus toward completion and the end result. I cut mats and make frames for all my art pieces.

Involvement with displaying my art is primarily with PAL but I have had several pieces shown in various galleries, completed some commissioned work and have received general accolades. I am proud to say that one of my scratchboard pieces, “Our National Symbol” circa June, 1995, 8×10 Black Scratchboard, was purchased at an art show on Bainbridge Island and last seen in the office of the Commandant at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. A most fitting piece, I hope it still remains there.

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